Discover CPG companies that pay dividends. Revolut posed first-ever profit. Crypto-focused bank in huge problems.

February 2023

Learn how employee equity💸in startups works and check the app that allows friends to buy a house together.
Welcome all to another Fintech Wave edition; it’s number 63 already! TLDR: BaaS just got closer. Danish challenger bank got fresh funding. Neobank spent…
UK has a new fintech unicorn🦄 Find out which banks pay dividends to shareholders.

January 2023

Check new startups that allows infulencers to issue credit cards💳to their fans.
Discover real estate dividend stocks🏠
No, we are still not sending invoices in space...
Meet the dividend kings👑

December 2022

Hi all, welcome to the last weekly recap in this year. Last week was especially great week for europan fintechs - 5 of them raised over €220M. Banks…
Learn how to invest in real estate with only a few dollars
Circle is not going public. More layoffs for fintech companies. Lending startup Stilt is acquired. $1B credit facility for a fintech app.
Digital bank that plant the tree🌲every time you swipe the card